To celebrate successful women we will hold a nomination each month to give you the opportunity to put forward an influential woman who inspires you the most!
It can be a woman, from the past or present, who has made an outstanding contribution to society, whether in the field of science, art, human rights or any other area that you feel is relevant. 
While she need not be very well-known, they need to be a public figure – the purpose of this initiative is to highlight the contribution of women who are not often in the news but deserve to be praised! 
So send us through your nominations on facebook or twitter and hashtag #empoweringwomen with a link to their public profile.
For example:

We nominate Sampat Pal Devi, the founder of Gulab Gang in India as an inspiring influential woman #Empoweringwomen.

Once all the nominations are in at the end of the month, we will highlight their amazing work.
Note: As inspiring our mothers or teachers are – these will not be valid nominations.