How does EDAC work?

The Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant is a pledge by businesses to support women affected by abuse to enter or re-enter the workplace. Employers are invited to sign the covenant and identify opportunities within their businesses for women seeking sustainable employment opportunities.

What can businesses offer?

We recognise that every employer will have a different capacity to offer support: as such we welcome the opportunity to discuss what companies can provide and how this fits with their existing policies or develop new and sustainable offers.


Whilst the DA Bill continues to progress, we know that self and familial isolation is having an impact on women and young people and that the forecasted economic climate will disproportionately affect women. We also know that businesses are facing many challenges, but they are also exploring new opportunities.

This programme is designed to create positive, long term and sustainable solutions by supporting women affected by abuse to enter or re-enter the workplace.

This is achieved through a commitment by businesses to identify employability opportunities. This can include, but is not limited to: workplace skills, job opportunities, mentoring schemes, sector specific courses, internships, work experience, apprenticeships and much more.

The ultimate aims of this initiative is to harness real and meaningful social change, create inclusive and positive opportunities, develop long term, sustainable solutions for victims/survivors of abuse and for businesses who recognise the need to diversify their workplace.

Partnership Approach

Taking a partnership approach, we are working with a network of women’s services to ensure their clients benefit from this initiative and have access to a broad range of support services and skills.

At the heart of this initiative is support for women seeking to gain employment and develop their skills. Domestic Abuse can have a long term economic impact on victims/survivors which is why they are offered dedicated IDVA support to empower them on their employability journey.

By working with established businesses – our Signatory Partners – from across a broad range of sectors, at a national level and in some cases, at a global level to help bring attention to the instrumental work of the covenant and the UK Government’s commitment to address Domestic Abuse.

To learn more about our team and the companies instrumental in developing EDAC, please: