How Can Ambassadors Help Us?


Ambassadors play a crucial role in the development of our charity and through their engagement; they act as champions for change for our clients. They do this through:

  • Acting as spokesperson(s) for SHARAN
  • Raising awareness of key issues by disseminating key SHARAN messages
  • Help raise the public image of the charity and our work
  • Attract new supporters, opportunities and audiences
  • Help build networks and volunteers
  • Support social media activity and share information with their contacts
  • Generate media coverage and agree to media interviews
  • Attend and/or host fundraising and awareness events
  • Provide professional support where required

Who Are Our Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are well known public figures, sector and community leaders lending high profile support for our charity by addressing key issues such as forced marriage, honour abuse, domestic violence, and cultural conflict.

An Ambassador is not a director or trustee of the charity or a member of the management board. All Ambassadors are voluntary unpaid roles. They are compassionate, committed, honest, responsible, professional, dedicated and passionate to bring about change and social justice.

What Do We Offer Ambassadors?

As a small but significant charity, we work to improve the lives of women in the UK who have been disowned and/or are affected by harmful practices. To do this we recognise the need to build a movement for change to reach out to wider audiences. Our Ambassadors will receive

  • Training & Induction
  • Ambassador Handbook
  • Engagement Opportunities
  • Support to fulfil their roles
  • Acknowledgement on materials and website
  • Agreement by both parties outlining roles & responsibilities

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways you can get involved:

  • Register your interest to become a Global or Community Ambassador (subject to approval)
  • Become a Sponsor or Supporter to take this programme further
  • Request our Ambassadors to speak at your school, college, university, workplace, conference or event.

If you would like to find out more about our Ambassador Programme and how to get involved, call 0844 504 3231 or email us at 

All media enquiries

This project was kindly funded in 2014 by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office through the Domestic Programme Fund.