The campaign supports and raises awareness in the UK at a local, regional and national level with the aim to:


  • Reduce the number of people affected and most ‘at risk’ of forced marriage
  • Increase the number of people accessing support and reporting forced marriage
  • Reduce the numbers of victims being taken abroad to be forced into a marriage
  • Establish greater awareness by communities and frontline professionals.

Our Girl National Lead

We are the National Lead Partner for the Our Girl campaign with a focus on young people at Academies, Schools, universities and colleges. More details are available upon request or go to

Our Girl Regional Partners

The Our Girl campaign has five Regional Partners who have a proven track record and established strong local links with communities, schools, youth networks and access to frontline professionals in high prevalence areas.

Each Regional Partner will deliver the campaign across their geographical area (more details to follow):

  • West Midlands Specialist Domestic Abuse Consortium
  • Blackburn & Darwen District Without Abuse (The Wish Centre)
  • Iranian Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO)
  • Luton All Women’s Centre
  • Peer Production and True Honour

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