Nabila Sharma, a 36 year old Muslim woman from the Midlands tells her gripping story as a seven year old of being attacked and sexually abused by her local mosque’s Imam. Now Nabila has come forward and broken her silence in her book ‘Brutal’.

After many years of heartache, pain and counselling, she has finally come out the other end to tell her story and educate parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, teachers and imam’s especially in the Asian Muslim community that this does go on and to open your eyes to STOP it.

Her stance has given her the strength to speak out against the way employment is structured across mosques and that each person must be CRB checked with the correct qualifications – this is something that’s not vetted when hiring an imam.

Brutal is a true and hard hitting book about what went on in Nabila Sharma’s mosque. You can read Brutal by getting a copy from Whsmith, Morrison’s and Amazon.