On International Women’s Day 2014 (#IWD2014), we launched ‘Harnessing Change’ a campaign to challenge and raise more awareness on the global issue of forced marriages. Harnessing Change has been designed to ensure that influencers such as you will help reach and lend your voice to support those affected.

We started with our campaign ambassadors and asked them to pledge their support by sending us a photo stating ‘I challenge forced marriages because…’


If you would like to get involved, send us your pledge on facebook and twitter and hashtag #ForcedMarriage – this small gesture of solidarity could help just one person stand up and say NO to forced marriage.

Stay up to date on our blog as we release a weekly Q&A with our ambassadors:

1. Emteaz Hussian, Playwright, Poet

2. Iqbal Whahhab, Founder, Roast Restaurant

3. Parm Sandu, Superintendent, Met Police

4. Sukki Singapora, Performer, Business woman

5. Sunny Choudhery, Entrepreneur, Tweezy

6. Sunny Grewal, BBC Radio & TV Presenters

7. Shay Grewal, BBC Radio & TV Presenters

8. Sunny Hundal, Journalist, commentator

9. Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE, Dawson Cornwall

Pledge Board

Please text SHRN12£10 to 70070 to allow us to answer an extra call from a woman who is at risk of forced marriage.

[Images by Carmel King]