The Iranian Kurdish Women’s Right Organisation (IKWRO) will be hosting this years True Honour Awards at a gala event on 6th December 2012.

This year they will grant two True Honour Awards to those who have taken a stand against ‘honour’ based violence, whether in their personal lives or in their work.  By recognising and publicising their outstanding courage and commitment, we hope this will inspire others to act.

Founder of The SHARAN Project, Polly Harrar has been shortlisted as a nominee “I am truly humbled to be nominated and remain inspired by the brave women who take the difficult decision to flee ‘honour’ based abuse”

Having spent the last 20 years working with women who have been disowned or left home to get them back on their feet, Polly set up The SHARAN Project in 2008. “Providing access to support for the most isolated and vulnerable women in society is key to leading a successful independent life without fear”

At least 5000 women are killed in the name of ‘honour’ around the world each year.  There are an estimated 12 ‘honour’ killings in the UK annually, and thousands more women and girls face other forms of ‘honour’ based violence, including beatings, imprisonment and forced marriage.