As part of our Harnessing Change programme, we are delighted to profile some of our latest Ambassadors. They are key influencers, public figures and distinguished leaders from across the community, private and third sectors who advocate for consent in marriage, raise awareness of honour based and domestic abuse, cultural conflict and related issues in order to strengthen key messages against all forms of harmful practices. In the coming months we will continue to share details of our Ambassadors.

To start of the New Year, we are delighted to announce our Global Ambassador Savita Kaye.


Savita’s started off in corporate banking before becoming a serial entrepreneur, she set up her company ‘Lady K’ which provides bespoke event management and PR services and in addition to this, through her passion for fashion she created the internationally renowned brand ‘House of iKons’ which provides a platform for up and coming designers, models and musicians. Now in its second year House of iKons continues to take London fashion week by storm with her 2016 show boasting international designers from as far as China and LA as well as up and coming emerging British designers.

Models and presenters who have taken part with the House of iKons shows in London, Dubai and Los Angeles have also benefited, working in TV, film and hosting their own TV shows in Hollywood. Designers have been signed to departments stores around the world and worked with celebrities such as J.Lo, Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Tyra Banks to name but a few.

Why Did You Become a Global Ambassador?

Learning about the SHARAN Project and its work with women who have faced abuse, is something very close to my heart. I know many women who faced abuse, emotional, physical and sexual. On a personal level I have faced physical and emotional abuse at the hands of my ex and his family which is why this Project is very close to my heart.

Touching on sensitive issues as well as cultural issues, I do not feel that there are enough women who come forward to be the voice for those who are unable to speak out. Being appointed as a Global Ambassador is a great honour for me as it gives me the opportunity to help others know that there is hope and light.

As a survivor and a mother, I aim to provide a positive role model for those who have and are still experiencing abuse to know they too can fulfil their dreams. I’m hoping that my experiences and what I have become today gives comfort to women to know that the nightmare does end and a beautiful chapter will begin.

What Are Your Goals For 2015/16 as a Global Ambassador?

I would like to increase the awareness of domestic abuse and its effects; I hope this will give strength to women to come forward as I know it affects so many on a daily basis. I want to challenge how women are condemned and disowned from their families in the name of so called ‘honour’ and to highlight the work of SHARAN Project, what they do and how they have helped and continue to help some of the most marginalised members of our society

If I can inspire or reach out to just one person to realise they have the right to choose their own future without fear of abuse or persecution, this would be a great goal to achieve.

I want to be part of this movement for change to help, support and educate others nationally and internationally on these issues and to show that we all have a role to play to put an end to all forms of abuse. In my role as Ambassador, I would like to see a real change to establish appropriate support systems and to ensure the UK Government and the law works to protect those in need.

What advice would you give to other Ambassadors?

This is a truly amazing charity seeded supporting women who have been disowned and strives to challenge issues that are culturally sensitive and most importantly emotionally lasting.

The more people who come together and unite as one, the louder our voices become which not only echoes a call for change but shows that anything is possible .

I am so honoured to be a Global Ambassador for SHARAN and my support will continue for many years to come as I take my place to make a difference.

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